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Shop 0211 Irons

0211 DC Irons

Stunning new progressive set design powered by our proprietary DualCOR system delivers precision and distance across the set.

Price was $119 , now discounted to $89 $84
Shop GEN3 Irons

GEN3 Irons

Forged five times, then milled. These top performers provide it all: Distance, accuracy, feel and forgiveness.

Price was $349 , now discounted to $135 $129
Shop GEN4 Irons

0311 GEN4 Irons

New PXG GEN4 Irons are the best irons we’ve ever made. Packed with our most advanced technology and materials, these babies deliver absolutely unparalleled distance, forgiveness, sound, and feel.

Price is $375 $275 $225
Shop GEN4 Drivers

0811 GEN4 Drivers

Our best drivers at an unbelievable price - why are we making this offer? We know that these drivers are not just good, but outstanding. We want to spread the word! How good are they? Golf Labs verified our GEN4 X and GEN4 XF Drivers are longer and more forgiving than TaylorMade's SIM2 and SIM2 Max. And to boot, these drivers ship in five days or less.

Price was $529 , now discounted to $299 $289
Shop GEN4 Fairways

0341 X GEN4 Fairways

New technology and an aggressive new head shape deliver unbelievable forgiveness, explosive distance, and an incredible sound and feel.

Price was $429 , now discounted to $249 $239
Shop GEN4 Fairways New

0341 XF GEN4 Fairways

Designed with a tall, large face and Railed Sole Geometry, these Fairways are designed for forgiveness, keeping the ball on line and in play.

Price was $429 , now discounted to $249 $239
Shop GEN4 Hybrids

0317 X GEN4 Hybrids

Confidence inspiring large profile and new technology deliver blazing-fast ball speeds to help you achieve exceptional distance from any lie.

Price was $379 , now discounted to $249 $239
Shop GEN4 Hybrids New

0317 XF GEN4 Hybrids

Engineered with Railed Sole Geometry and designed with a high-speed, squared face, these Hybrids deliver easy to hit forgiveness on every shot.

Price was $379 , now discounted to $249 $239
Shop ST GEN4 Blades New

0311 ST GEN4 Blades

The ultimate tool for the advanced golfer. This tour-inspired progressive set design features triple-forged, solid bodied blades to deliver extreme control.

Price was $349 , now discounted to $275 $225
Shop 0211 Forged Blades

0211 ST 3x Forged Blades

Triple forged, solid-body irons that provide exceptional feel and workability in a clean blade design.

Price was $149 , now discounted to $99.99 $94.99
Shop 0211 Drivers

0211 Driver

Strikingly versatile head design that promotes confidence and delivers crazy distance off the tee for golfers at every skill level.

Price was $299 , now discounted to $219 $209
Shop 0 2 1 1 Fairway Woods

0211 Fairways

High-performance, rounded face design and larger profile promote confidence and consistent contact for all players.

Price was $249 , now discounted to $199 $189
Shop 0 2 1 1 Hybrids

0211 Hybrids

Innovative squared face and weight forward design optimized for maximum ball speed from any lie and forgiveness on off-center hits.

Price was $229 , now discounted to $199 $189
Shop Prototype Drivers

Prototype Drivers

A prototype driver so extraordinary, our Tour Pros told us we should make them available to everyone.

Price was $499 , now discounted to $229 $219
Shop Prototype Fairways

Prototype Fairway

Easy to hit, low profile design with variable face technology for faster ball speeds.

Price was $299 , now discounted to $219 $209
Shop Prototype Hybrids

Prototype Hybrids

Confidence inspiring head shape and larger face for maximum ball speeds and forgiveness.

Price was $249 , now discounted to $219 $209
Shop Blackbird Putter

Battle Ready Putters

The battle is often won or lost on the green. Sink more putts with PXG’s game-changing Battle Ready Putters. Our incredibly innovative line of 100% milled putters are fully optimized for stability, balance, and control. PXG Battle Ready Putters come in nine mallet and blade designs to suit every swing.

Price was $399 , now discounted to $289 $279
Shop 0211 Putters New

0211 Putters

This stunning lineup includes five all-new putters. Each 0211 Putter features PXG's bold Runway Reticle TM alignment aid and patented Pyramid Face Pattern technology for exceptional accuracy and consistency with every putt, as well as an outstanding sound and feel.

Price was $189 , now discounted to $129 $129
Shop GEN2 Putters

GEN2 Putters

100% solid milled construction, variable-sized pyramid face pattern, and adjustable weights.

Price was $299 , now discounted to $229 $229
Shop 0311 ST Irons

0311 ST Irons

If you're looking for Super Tour blades that deliver more control, greater workability, less offset and are surprisingly easy to hit, our new PXG 0311 ST Irons are made for you.

Price was $650 , now discounted to $249 $239
PXG golf clubs in a golf bag



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PXG crazy eight GEN4 clubs

Pick 7. Any 7.

Your choice of seven GEN4 clubs for $1,499 $1,499

For a limited time, you can choose any seven unique GEN4 Clubs or a Battle Ready Putter for a special price of $1,499 $1,499. This puts the kick in your game right where it needs it. In the bag. Call our fitting specialists now or visit one of our retail stores and get lucky - Lucky 7!

  • May not include 2 or more of the same club.
  • Upgrade irons to Xtreme Dark for an additional $100.
  • No upcharge for milled wedges – no limit.
  • Max number of clubs is 7.
  • Shaft/Grip upcharges apply
PXG XF clubs



PXG has expanded our GEN4 lineup with the ultra-forgiving new GEN4 XF Fairways and Hybrids. Built for effortless launch at impact, these sleek clubs deliver fast ball speeds, mid spin, and smooth turf interaction to inspire confidence at any lie.

PXG - Parsons Xtreme Golf

PXG GEN4 0811 X and XF Drivers

Our best drivers at an unbelievable price!

GEN4 X, XT & XF Drivers

“Exceptional distance and forgiveness.”


“Probably the best driver in 2021.”


Check out these  Killer DealS
on full bagS!

Our full bag deals cover 14 clubs, a stand bag, and a PXG hat. To take advantage of these special offers, call our Player Support team at 844.PLAY.PXG , or visit a PXG Store or Fitting Center.
Reminder: PXG golf clubs are sold only direct by PXG.

Set of 0211 Golf Clubs

0211 Full Bag



(save $497)

Package Includes:

0211 Driver, Fairways, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges,
Putter, Hat, Bag.

Set of GEN3 Golf Clubs

GEN3 Full Bag



(save $781)

Package Includes:

GEN3 Prototype Driver, Fairways, Hybrids, GEN3 Irons, GEN3 Forged Wedges, Battle Ready Putter, Hat, Bag.

Set of GEN4 Golf Clubs

GEN4 Full Bag



(save $1,211)

Package Includes:

GEN4 Driver, Fairways, Hybrids, GEN4 Irons, GEN3 Milled Wedges, Battle Ready Putter, Hat, Bag. Upgrade irons and wedges to Xtreme Dark for $3,179*.

*Upgrade charges may apply. Requires full package purchase to qualify.

PXG - Parsons Xtreme Golf

PXG Pros Wining

PXG For The Win

PXG has enjoyed a fantastic year, celebrating seven wins between the PGA, LPGA, and Korn Ferry Tours.

  • Austin Ernst, LPGA, Drive on Championship at Golden Ocala
  • Joel Dahmen, PGA, Corales Puntacana
  • Lydia Ko, LPGA, Lotte Championship in Hawaii
  • Paul Barjon, Korn Ferry, Huntsville Championship
  • Jason Kokrak, PGA, Charles Schwab Challenge
  • Lydia Ko, LPGA, Congratulations on your medal-winning performance in Tokyo!
  • Ryann O'Toole, LPGA, Trust Golf Women’s Scottish Open
  • Celine Boutier, LPGA, ShopRite LPGA Classic

PXG. Nobody makes Golf Clubs
The Way We do. Period. ®

More than a slogan, it's our vow to each and every golfer—that we will stop at nothing to create the world's finest golf clubs. With no cost or time constraints, our focus is honed on performance alone. Why do we do it? We believe every new product should be noticeably better. Every innovation should improve your game. Every moment of impact should be exhilarating. And, this approach doesn't stop with golf clubs. It informs everything we do.

Watch our founder's story Latest Equipment

golf club

Why PXG golf clubs are a smart investment

We are obsessed with making the world's finest, best performing golf equipment.

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PXG 0211 Putters

0211 Putters Have Landed

Five All-New Putters

“PXG 0211 putters have a runway lighting inspired alignment aid to help golfers aim better and swing the putter more consistently.”


The 0211 Putter lineup features PXG’s bold Runway Reticle™ alignment aid and patented Pyramid Face Pattern technology for outstanding accuracy and consistency with every putt.

PXG 0211 Putters
PXG crazy eight GEN4 clubs



“These are what blades are all about. Just raw feel for the player who doesn’t need bumper rails.”


Meet the new PXG blades designed for advanced amateurs & professionals. These triple forged, milled, solid bodied PXG 0311 ST GEN4 Blades with Precision Weighting Technology give the advanced golfer complete control over their game. Is it an expensive process to make these precise sticks? You bet it is. But we’re fine with it, because it’s strokes, not money, we’re trying to save.


tops of gen4 clubs

"Incredible levels of performance and forgiveness."


"Takes sound and feel to a new level."


All-new PXG GEN4 Golf Clubs are the product of years of research and testing, combining specialized materials never before used in golf to produce incredible sound and feel, unbelievable forgiveness, explosive distance, and drop-dead sexy looks. Our flagship clubs include drivers, fairways, hybrids, and irons—each optimized to suit your swing and skyrocket your performance.

GEN4 Iron

Our new flagship irons are the most exceptional irons we’ve ever made – by a longshot.

Price was $375 , now discounted to $275 $225

GEN4 Driver

Power meets forgiveness in all three models of this record-crushing driver.

Price was $529 , now discounted to $299 $289

GEN4 Hybrid

A new head shape and face design create fine-tuned trajectory and blazing-fast ball speed.

Price was $379 , now discounted to $249 $239

GEN4 Fairways

Featuring a high-performance head design that delivers next-level launch and spin.

Price was $429 , now discounted to $249 $239
Battle Ready Putters


PXG 2021 0211 GOLF CLUBS

How do you create game-changing clubs at a price that's within reach of more golfers? You take the finest materials and engineer them into a versatile set of drivers, fairways, hybrids, and irons. With incredible distance, forgiveness, sound, and feel. PXG's 2021 0211 Golf Clubs can take your game to a new level of performance.

Battle Ready Putters

Triple Forged Blades.
Super Performance.

PXG 0211 ST blades

“A blade in the purest sense of the word.”


This Super Tour extension of the 2021 0211 Golf Clubs introduces solid-bodied blades that are triple forged from soft carbon steel, delivering an exceptional feel, extreme workability, and a surprisingly high MOI. These stunning blades are ideal for better golfers looking for the ultimate in club control at a killer price.

Battle Ready Putters
top and side putter view

Battle Ready PUTTERs

Elevate your short game in 2021 with PXG's Battle Ready Putters. Fully optimized - from the center-of-gravity (CG) and moment of inertia (MOI), to stability, balance, and weighting - the new Blackbird and Gunboat, along with the Spitfire, Closer, Brandon, Bat Attack, Mustang, One & Done and Blackjack, deliver maximum performance for putts from every distance.

American Flag

Tried and true.
Proven performance.


“The Proto has elevated PXG’s driver game.”


“Proto Driver is hyper adjustable. Fantastic looks.”

Using our tried-and-true formula for crazy distance, unbelievable forgiveness, and fine-tuned performance, these babies deliver lower scores and much more fun on the course. In fact, these all-new Prototype Fairways and Hybrids are so good, we decided to release them to everyone!

new PXG prototype driver

0811 X Proto Driver

Low spin option for players with more level or downward attack angles.

Price was $499 , now discounted to $229 $219
PXG proto fairways

0341 X Proto Fairways

Easy to hit, low profile design with variable face technology for faster ball speeds

Price was $299 , now discounted to $219 $209
new PXG proto hybrid

0317 X Proto Hybrids

Confidence inspiring head shape and larger face for maximum ball speeds and forgiveness

Price was $249 , now discounted to $219 $209
Video background
Video background

Introducing the PXG
Game Changer Web Reveal Series

Hosted by the founder and CEO of PXG, Bob Parsons

Dive into the technology behind PXG's latest club innovations in our new video series with PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons. Next in our web reveal series, our all-new GEN4 Golf Clubs.

Why PXG® Clubs?

Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do. Period. ®

Our clubs are engineered with no cost or time constraints for golfers who demand the very best . All we care about is performance. Our irons have the thinnest face in golf , which, along with other key patented technologies , translates to amazing distance and outstanding accuracy . All our clubs are made to exacting standards , and like our irons are top performers in every respect

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Why PXG® Apparel?

There’s a reason why our apparel is in a class by itself.

What's the reason? It's everything we do. Our designers travel the world to spot new trends. We acquire the best materials like fine wool, soft cotton, lush cashmere from Italy, and amazing new high-tech materials.We control the sourcing and manufacturing process from beginning to end to make sure each piece is made to our exacting standards.The result is exceptionally fine apparel that looks, feels and performs like nothing else.

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