Featuring PXG’s celebrated thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) core technology, PXG Milled Insert Putters present an incredible sound, outstanding feel and superior forgiveness. This cutting-edge TPE technology combines with a soft billet-milled stainless-steel face to provide an extremely solid feel at impact. Bodies are milled from high-quality stainless-steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, and feature titanium and tungsten weighting elements. An array putter models offer a multitude of fitting options to suit any swing.

Bat AttackLocked and Loaded

The Bat Attack is an incredibly clean and efficient modified mallet-style putter with distinctive heel-toe wings designed for improved alignment and consistency.

The Bat Attack is available in three models – Bat AttackBat Attack HBat Attack P.

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BrandonThe Modern Traditionalist

The Brandon is a modern take on a traditional blade-style design featuring visible heel-toe weighting.

The Brandon is available in three models – Brandon, Brandon H, Brandon S.

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DaggerThe Classic Design

The Dagger is a modern take on a time-honored design. A unique blade-style head with zero offset gives this putter a minimalist approach to the art of putting.

The Dagger is available in two models – Dagger, Dagger C.

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DroneNavigate Autonomously

The Drone is a modern, high MOI mallet-style golf putter. Its broad profile is designed to build confidence at address and support a smooth putting stroke for enhanced consistency.

The Drone is available in two models – Drone, Drone C.

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GunboatStability and Forgiveness

The Gunboat is a modern, extremely high MOI mallet-style putter offering increased stability and forgiveness.

The Gunboat is available in two models – Gunboat, Gunboat H.

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Mini GunboatStability and Versatility

The Mini Gunboat combines the forgiveness and visual alignment aids of the original Gunboat putter with the versatility of a smaller profile.

The Mini Gunboat is available in two models – Mini Gunboat, Mini Gunboat H.

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MustangAttention to Detail

The Mustang has a unique, high MOI blade-style design that features extreme heel-toe weighting, enhancing confidence at address and the ability to hole out putts.

The Mustang is available in three models – Mustang, Mustang S, Mustang C.

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OperatorFine-tuned Performance

Extremely forgiving, mallet-style putter engineered to be finely tuned for an individual’s stroke style. The Operator is designed for those seeking advanced customization and exceptional forgiveness.

The Operator is available in three models – Operator, Operator H, Operator P.

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