PXG 0311 Wedges

PXG 0311 Wedges

PXG 0311 wedges offer the versatility to play all the short shots needed to produce consistently low scores. The grooves have been designed to yield the maximum amount of spin on shorter shots near the green while optimizing spin on longer shots from the fairway. High-density tungsten alloy weights — which create the wedge's signature look — are positioned around the perimeter for unmatched feel and superior wedge play.
Available in Chrome and Xtreme Dark.

Available Finishes:

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PXG 0311 Wedges

Available in Xtreme Dark

PXG 0311 wedges are available with a sleek, all-black finish. This carbon-based coating is significantly harder and more durable than anything else on the market, adding an elegant look to the club without affecting performance. Also available in Chrome.

Available Finishes:

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PXG 0311 Wedges in Xtreme Dark
Maximum feel and forgiveness

PXG 0311 wedges are the world’s sexiest, most forgiving golf clubs. PXG 0311 wedges give golfers the ability to control trajectory and maximize spin.

Consistent Performance


PXG Player Support will reach out to schedule a fitting at your home course or a location near you.

Perimeter Weighting


Club Loft Lie Length (inches) Bounce Offset (inches) Swing Weight
50 50° 64° 35½ 12 0.065 D2
52 52° 64° 35½ 12 0.060 D2
54 54° 64° 35¼ 14 0.055 D4
56 56° 64° 35¼ 14 0.050 D4
58 58° 64° 35 12 0.045 D6
60 60° 64° 35 12 0.040 D6

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